Sunday, April 28, 2013

Power of Meditation and Intention

Mindful energy work has done wonders for helping me heal from my past and discover myself. The intention of thought that you have to apply to yourself entirely is so important. I feel like a lot of people who ignore that side of themselves are so lost and become shells for all sorts of influence, especially negative influences. By getting to know myself more through meditation, I have strengthened my own personal power and energetic confidence and recommend it to those who are struggling with it themselves.

This summer I plan on expanding my commitment to this idea even more through personal ritual and celebration. Surrounded by such beautiful nature and people  in this valley, how would I  NOT be able to!? <3

(Chime candles/holder and a little saying I got!)

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  1. Just what I do! You know Lamb it's funny... you and I are very much into, practice, and share pretty much the same things. I KNOW ALOT ABOUT OCCULT AND CANDLE MAGICK IN GENERAL...a lot more than what the authors of LLewellyn Publications and most of their books won't release to the public! I also play and have written "hit" type songs. I had and still have a Korg M-1 Music Station, very old and out-dated Now! I have to get a Korg Kronos-X ! As far a candle magick goes, realistically shaped human skull candles to represent "the person in question" on the altar are Way-More-Powerfull! If you want e-mail me. or send me your e-mail. Mine is: . I'm Tim Drechsel .