Tuesday, April 9, 2013

(More art and stuff ive made)

(Converted record made into a distorted mirror!)

"Horned Goddess Jug"
(Made with molds of a seashell and a barbie head, jug is wheelwork)

"Ray Bub/anenome inspired Teapot"
(Circular sect. is hollow)

"Penny Earrings"
(for sale)

"Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon"
(Amethyst pendant, sun&mooncharms)
(for sale)

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  1. Hi Lamb! I hope your doing okay! It's Tim Drechsel. I hope you'll be reading my comment as I am a member of your blog. Again... I'm a Pagan and I know alot about this stuff. Be since late 1990s. See the book: "LOVE IS IN THE EARTH" by Melody. That's one of the Best for occult/natural magick of stones. Also, A Great Book: - "Precious Stones: For Curative Wear, Other Remedial Uses and Likewise the Nobler Metals" (1908) by William T. Fernie (492pgs) ISBN: 0766101126 published by Kessinger Publishing Co. in Whitefish, MT. For one; Google.com search, or IxQuick.com search (another private search engine), The Lipodary Journal which has ads in their mag for suppliers of all sorts of semi-precious stones. One of the best things for Wealth and Success is "Chrysoberyl Cats Eye". It's greenish with silvery colored "slit" in it. For occult/Natural Magick purposes, Star-Rubies, Star-Moonstones, Star Saphires, are more powerful than regular "clear-like-glass" more expensive types. They are also much cheeper, but are also more POWERFUL! Again, you and I really, really, need to get to know one another more, and get more aquainted and in touch. There's so much that I know about that I could share with you. Unless it's just mere coinicidence, we've got quite a bit in common regarding interests, talent, and other. Not that I'm bragging, but I think I might know a lot more regarding this stuff. Many years ago I had spoken with a Wiccan Priestess over the phone, (in New Hampshire), and she and I both agreed that there are quite a few things regarding Natural Magick/Occult that "they" (meaning the ones in power in The Establishment), don't what "the public" to know! And this my friend is DELIBERATE and ON PURPOSE! - Tim Drechsel at: partylounge19@gmail.com .