Sunday, April 28, 2013

Power of Meditation and Intention

Mindful energy work has done wonders for helping me heal from my past and discover myself. The intention of thought that you have to apply to yourself entirely is so important. I feel like a lot of people who ignore that side of themselves are so lost and become shells for all sorts of influence, especially negative influences. By getting to know myself more through meditation, I have strengthened my own personal power and energetic confidence and recommend it to those who are struggling with it themselves.

This summer I plan on expanding my commitment to this idea even more through personal ritual and celebration. Surrounded by such beautiful nature and people  in this valley, how would I  NOT be able to!? <3

(Chime candles/holder and a little saying I got!)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

(More art and stuff ive made)

(Converted record made into a distorted mirror!)

"Horned Goddess Jug"
(Made with molds of a seashell and a barbie head, jug is wheelwork)

"Ray Bub/anenome inspired Teapot"
(Circular sect. is hollow)

"Penny Earrings"
(for sale)

"Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon"
(Amethyst pendant, sun&mooncharms)
(for sale)


Since im going to school for art, i might as well post some of my stuff up and show what ive been makin and learning!! Creativity is so limitless, its wonderful.

("Age of Enlightenment")

Doodle from HS....2010ish

(Leo <3)


(i have an intense fricking spiritual connection with butterflies <3)

"Feeling Like a Fish Out of Water"
-dont we all sometimes?

First rough recording! Rocky Spine cover

its webcam sound quality... but hey at least its something! Love the original to this song and was excited when i figured it out! Wish i had the $ right now for some lessons but covers have at least been helping me get my rhythm back and exercise my voice! :)

Havng a twin is probably the best, most unique gift a person has been given. Independence and individuality are such important qualities to have as a twin... Because of our life and experiences, the support we give eachother has been unbelievably important. I love her soo much and even though we have our problems,like everyone does, I am so thankful for my sister.

First Fire Spin Ever!!!!!!!! ( Fire Poi )

So glad it was caught on camera! Ive been wanting to get into this for a while and have so many talented friends involved in the fire scene up here in MT. Can't wait to learn more fun tricks for the festies this summer! Woop Woop!

( Song: Broken- Seether feat. Amy Lee)