Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Changed things up!

Was tired of having the same, boring hair.... made a change!


  1. Hey what's up Lamb! It's Tim Drechsel. Yeah! I LIKE IT! Looks good! The only thing is...that camera or picture pixel quality resolution of the photo does give "it" the justice it truly deserves. But, still never-the-less I can make it out and see it clearly enough though! Nice Job!
    Oh. By the way...what model and brand name of guitar you use. If things work out, (AND, THEY OUGHT TO, DAMN IT!), I'm eventually going to be buying and playing on a Korg KRONOS XL Keyboard, but NOT ANY TIME SOON! I just don't want to be bothered with going over and learning all the different new bells n' whistles features of the Korg Kronos, when I'm trying and eventually got to move out from the place that I am! Besides, with the eventual packing up stuff and all that... where am I going to put it, when one is eventually moving like I am. So, I going to put having "that" OFF for a while until I get settled! I rather just play and write with a good quality acoustic guitar for now. Just pick it up, strum and play! I don't have to go through all those different synthesizer controling perimeters (which I know well enough about), that are probably called by a "different" name, compared to previous Korg Music Workstations. Drives me nuts! Anyway. I like to get to know you better. I do and CAN write "HIT" type songs. I am also single as one can be. Never married. Not yet anyway. If you want and you can, e-mail me at: . Best wishes to you especially, and your sis. - Tim

  2. You guys should come back to Bakersfield!